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Hi, I'm Tim!

That's me with my

mini hotdog puppy, Thea!

To me, portrait photography is about so much more than just capturing pretty pictures and the best side of the subject. It’s about the connection innate in us as human beings that empowers us to express our true selves with confidence, and to construct creative energy by exchanging ideas with one another which ultimately produce the finest images.

This is not limited to just portrait, it includes couple/engagement, elopement, wedding, event, and street photography. Basically if there’s people in an image, there’s bound to be human connection that can convey an emotion of this art form.

I have always been intrigued by how lighting works in photography, curious as to how an image was achieved. Be it from studying and reverse engineering how the lighting setup as done from a high end fashion shoot on a magazine cover to prolific photographers on social media. In the pursuit of mastering this craft, an area of creative art where I have honed my skills in the past decade.

I have relentlessly succeeded many of photoshoots in natural light, having to solve an abundance of challenges in how to best use the different light quality and weather conditions provided at hand, and to best position my subject to compose an exquisite image.

This eventually lead me to discovering the art of flash photography. It took me two years of studying and practicing plus countless of studio + outdoors shoots with strobes, where I finally mastered the stunningly beautiful art of flash photography. With all that said, the reason why I shoot portraiture, aside from being a huge photography nerd, is because of the fulfilment I get from putting big smiles on one’s face and the satisfaction they got out of the experience, by applying my people and technical skills to capture and document the special moment.

My goal is to help you uncover the best you for an empowering experience that will flourish into set of first class photos.

So whether you need to update your LinkedIn, social media, dating profile, with some fresh and professional headshots, or to document a special moment of yours as such engagement, elopement, wedding, anniversary, a party/event you hold dear that needs to be captured for an everlasting time of memory.

I would love to humbly offer my service to you in achieving that. If that’s the case and you feel we could be the right fit for each other, why not connect with me and see how I can assist?


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