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BTS: Empower – Mirus Gallery Event Photoshoot

I recently did an photoshoot for Empower – A Breast Cancer Awareness & Empowerment Event. This event was created as a dedication to Kimberly Coakley in support of her empowering decision to undergo a double mastectomy in her fight against breast cancer.

Kim is a very lovely lady who’s kind and friendly, we had a meet and greet when I first arrived to the location at Mirus Gallery, from the brief chat I have had with her, you could tell she’s a very kind and strong woman that is so optimistic and grateful of her life and the people that surrounds her. I couldn’t even possible pretend to think I know what she must be going through and I wish her my utmost regard to her health wellbeing and to fighting breast cancer.


After the introduction, I wasted no time and went on with scouting the location on the vantage points to shoot this event and studying the lighting a fair bit to see how it can fit into a set as a theme.

The venue had a forever changing lighting with strips of LED lights dangling from the ceiling to roughly 4m from the ground. It was set to a pink-white-purple colour theme that had went in a forward motion from one strip to another. Just a note, I was shooting without flash around 70% of the time until it got dark outside and that’s when the flash came in ready, so you will see pink and purple cast on people’s faces.

The gear I used was my trusty X-T3 paired with the XF 16mm F/1.4, I used this lens about 90% of the shoot with the remaining 10% using the XF 56mm F/1.2 and a very shots with the XF 35mm f/2.  When I’m shooting an event in a nightclub setting, I am usually drawn to use my XF 16mm F/1.4, due to its super fast aperture for the low light capability and nicer bokeh it renders from being a F/1.4. Not to mention that it is a great focal length in tight space to fit in multiple people in a shot, and the lens being tack sharp no matter how close you get with it (you can get shoot so close with this lens you’d almost think it’s a macro lens!).

As mentioned here, I had recently created a YouTube Channel, and with that in mind, one of the first project I wanted to make for it was a BTS video for this event. The idea was to capture footage of me roaming around with my camera taking shots at different views using my iPhone sitting on a gorilla pod. However, I had forgotten to bring my mount attachment that holds my phone to the pod and so I was wasn’t able to get those footages like I wanted to. *face palm* Instead, I was recorded some A roll of me walking around with my iPhone throughout the night. It wasn’t a lot of footage, and by no means top class filming either, but I got it done.

So even though it’s not how I planned for it to be filmed, I had to work with what was available, and to be honest I feel like I made it work with the way I edited the video the best I could. It was good lesson either way, and I’m looking forward to making more videos to come.






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